Trinny & Susannah: Stylar om Sverige

Trinny & Susannah: Stylar om Sverige is a Swedish/British television show, first aired on Swedish channel TV4 Plus on March 28, 2011. In each episode, Trinny and Susannah visit a Swedish city where they go out and find people that they think need some help with their style. Ten persons get chosen for each show and each gets a total makeover and the opportunity to walk the runway in front of their family and friends. Trinny and Susannah have visited Karlstad, Lund, Stockholm, Borås, Vällingby, Göteborg and Borlänge.

Kommande sändningar

  1. Axess TV, Idag kl.22:00
  2. Axess TV, Imorgon kl.22:00
  3. Axess TV, Imorgon kl.22:25