Ross Kemp: Middle East

Ross Kemp journeys to the Middle East where the bitter conflict has cost tens of thousands of lives and forced millions to live in fear and misery. Ross visits Gaza one year on from Operation Cast Lead, a massive Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip that saw as many as 1,400 Palestinians die, thousands of homes destroyed, and much of Gaza's infrastructure obliterated. He then travels to Israel and discovers a country divided, one that is surrounded by enemies and living under the constant fear of rocket attacks and suicide bombs from groups dedicated to its destruction.


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2010-01-10 | avsnitt 2

Ross travels over the border and into Israel to see first hand the effect that 60 years of conflict has had on this young nation. He starts his journey in Jerusalem, the scene of over 30 suicide bombings and terrorist attacks, he then comes under fire from rocks and tear gas grenades when he goes to see the protests by Palestinians against the “separation barrier” that has been built to keep suicide bombers out.

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