Aktuellt is a Swedish nightly news programme produced by Sveriges Television and broadcast on its second channel, SVT2 in Sweden. First broadcast on 2 September 1958, Aktuellt was Sweden's first television news programme. With the start of TV 2 in 1969, the Aktuellt brand disappeared but was revived in 1972 when TV1 began airing two main bulletins at 6pm and 9pm. The 6pm bulletin was moved to SVT2 in 1997, followed on 15 January 2001 by the 9pm edition. The year before, editorial responsibility for Aktuellt, Rapport, and SVT's news channel, SVT24, was unified; nevertheless, the name "Aktuellt" continues to be used to designate SVT2's news programmes. A relaunch of Aktuellt in November 2007 saw Rapport begin a 6pm bulletin on SVT1 while the sole 9pm Aktuellt programme relaunched as an in-depth news and current affairs programme, covering two of three main items in detail. On 5 March 2012, the programme was extended to 60 minutes and now incorporates sports updates, regional news opt-outs & a news summary. The programme is now co-anchored by a rotating team of presenters - Anna Hedenmo, Jon Nilsson, Claes Elfsberg and Cecilia Gralde.

Kommande sändningar

  1. SVT2, Imorgon kl.21:00
  2. SVT2, tisdag kl. 21:00
  3. SVT2, onsdag kl. 21:00