Ax Men
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Ax Men

Danger is a full-time job for these brave men who put everything on the line each and every day to retrieve the Pacific Northwest timber with which we build our country. Snapped cables, runaway logs and razor-sharp chainsaws are just some of the dangers that threaten their lives daily. Even with new technology that should make the job easier, anything and everything can and does go wrong.

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Serien hade premiär 2008 och varje avsnitt är ungefär 60 minuter. Totalt har 153 avsnitt sänts uppdelat på 10 säsonger och tyvärr har serien lagts ner och det kommer inga nya avsnitt.

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2019-09-13 | avsnitt 10

Jason Rygaard races to clear a hillside in time to fill four logging trucks; Jay R Harkness fights to control the untethered Tigercat on a steep, snow-covered mountainside; Bucking Billy and his son Hogan battle a forest of hang-ups and widow-makers.

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    2019 | 10 avsnitt

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    2015 | 5 avsnitt

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    2012 | 20 avsnitt

  • Säsong 4

    2010 | 20 avsnitt

    Father-and-son team Gabe and Craig Rygaard return to battle their nemesis, reigning "King of the mountain" J.M. Browning. But this year, the crews from Washington and Oregon have more than each other to worry about - there's been a changing of the guard at Pihl Logging as Leah Proctor, a female greenhorn, is brought on to keep the men on their toes. Newcomers Papac Logging of Alaska and Lemare Logging of British Columbia are also throwing their hats into the ring. These companies specialize in conquering the rugged Pacific wilderness, as far removed from civilization as one can get. Each morning, Papac crews load into boats that take them across miles of the roughest water in Alaska. On the other end is Suemez Island, one of the most difficult jobs Papac has ever attempted. Down south, "Swampman" Shelby Stanga is back and his sights are set on the biggest logs in the Louisiana bayous. But to claim them, he'll need help from a crew of sidekicks as colorful as he is. In Florida, James Smith and the S&S Aqua/Collins crew return to do battle on the Suwannee River. Rounding out the water logging crews is newcomer Olson Marine, a unique tugboat operation in Alaska that transports millions of dollars in timber through hundreds of miles of the most violent waters and unpredictable weather in the world.

  • Säsong 3

    2010 | 13 avsnitt

    The loggers work during the dead heat of summer, with stakes that are higher than ever. In the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, industry titan J.M. Browning Logging, reigning champion Rygaard Logging and underdog Pihl Logging vie for the title "King of the Mountain." But this year, they are only half of the story: S&S Aqua Logging heads to Florida in search of new beginnings; R&R Conner Aviation, the Montana-based helicopter logging firm, must find a new ace pilot; and, for the first time, we wade into the swamps of Louisiana to meet a man unlike any other, Shelby Stanga, and explore the fascinating business of swamp logging.

  • Säsong 2

    2009 | 12 avsnitt

    Two of Oregon's top logging companies from last year, J.M. Browning Logging of Astoria and Vernonia's Pihl Logging returns. Adding to the competition are three newcomers, each bringing something different to the table. Rygaard Logging of Port Angeles, Washington, a fiery father-son team; R&R Conner Aviation of Conner, Montana, which utilizes helicopters to maximize its output; and S&S Aqua Logging of Aberdeen, Washington, a team of diving loggers who fish for timber in some of the Pacific Northwest's most treacherous waters.

  • Säsong 1

    2008 | 13 avsnitt

  • Specials

    2008 | 2 avsnitt

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