Familjen Kardashian
Tv-serien: Familjen Kardashian

Familjen Kardashian

Vi följer Kardashian/Jenner- familjen. Kardashians består av matriarken Kris Jenner och döttrarna Kim, Kourtney och Khloe Kardashian, medan Jenners består av pappan Bruce med döttrarna Kendall och Kylie.

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  • Längd: 42 minuter
  • I produktion
  • 62% gillar TV-serien

Om Familjen Kardashian

Serien hade premiär 2007 och varje avsnitt är ungefär 42 minuter. Totalt har 282 avsnitt sänts uppdelat på 20 säsonger och serien är skapad av Ryan Seacrest. Serien är i produktion så det kommer att kommma nya avsnitt


  • Kim Kardashian West


  • Khloé Kardashian


  • Kourtney Kardashian


  • Kris Jenner


  • Kendall Jenner


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The Final Curtain (2)

The Final Curtain (2)

2021-06-20 | avsnitt 14

Säsonger för Familjen Kardashian

  • Säsong 20

    Säsong 20

    2021 | 14 avsnitt

  • Säsong 19

    Säsong 19

    2020 | 8 avsnitt

  • Säsong 18

    Säsong 18

    2020 | 6 avsnitt

  • Säsong 17

    Säsong 17

    2019 | 12 avsnitt

    In Season 17, the family that shares everything doubles down on living their lives openly and honestly. Kim pulls back the curtain on some of the most intimate aspects of her relationship, while embarking on the most transformative year of her life yet. Meanwhile, the family’s ever-evolving relationship dynamics as well as personal and professional choices continue to be scrutinized by the public.

  • Säsong 16

    Säsong 16

    2019 | 12 avsnitt

    In this season, Kourtney struggles with anxiety in the aftermath of her breakup, Kim decides to follow in her father's footsteps and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer, and Khloé discusses how Tristan Thompson's latest cheating scandal has turned her world upside down.

  • Säsong 15

    Säsong 15

    2018 | 16 avsnitt

    This season is a baby boom as Khloé and Kylie navigate first-time motherhood and Kim welcomes her third child via a surrogate. Meanwhile, tensions run high between the three eldest sisters as Kim and Khloé question Kourtney's drive and priorities, causing Kourtney to contemplate her relationship with her family.

  • Säsong 14

    Säsong 14

    2017 | 19 avsnitt

    Even though things are changing for the Kardashian family in ways they never expected, they are determined to remember that family always comes first.

  • Säsong 13

    Säsong 13

    2017 | 14 avsnitt

    The family continues to adjust to Rob and Chyna’s engagement, Kim unknowingly upsets Kris after helping Caitlyn get ready for the ESPY Awards and Khloé toys with the idea of breast implants.

  • Säsong 12

    Säsong 12

    2016 | 21 avsnitt

    In this new season Khloé deals with estranged husband Lamar Odom's long and difficult road to recovery, Kourtney moves onto a new chapter in her life after breaking up with longtime partner Scott Disick, and Kendall tries to balance her booming career as a high fashion model with quality family time.

  • Säsong 11

    Säsong 11

    2015 | 13 avsnitt

    Khloé Kardashian strips down for her super-sexy, nearly naked Complex photo shoot. Pregnant Kim Kardashian makes a bombshell "diabetes" confession.Caitlyn Jenner gets closer to her family. And Scott Disick breaks down crying while confronting Kourtney Kardashian amid cheating rumors.

  • Säsong 10

    Säsong 10

    2015 | 17 avsnitt

    In the new season bonds are tested as the family navigates changing relationships, now that Kris and Bruce have finalized their divorce. The family confronts the challenges of adjusting to their new structure head-on, hoping to forge even stronger connections as they move forward together.

  • Säsong 9

    Säsong 9

    2014 | 20 avsnitt

    This season, bonds are forged and broken as Kris and Bruce wrestle with their dissolving marriage and the tremors it sends through their tight-knit clan. Likewise, Khloé and Lamar's turbulent relationship encounters new obstacles and mounting uncertainty. Has Khloé finally had enough? Meanwhile, new parents Kim and Kanye take their next steps in building a family with little North--including an extravagant engagement in San Francisco! Back at home, Kendall and Kylie continue their own journeys, as a new season comes with new opportunities and the possibility of new living arrangements! Plus, Rob strikes out to conquer the designer sock business.

  • Säsong 8

    Säsong 8

    2013 | 21 avsnitt

    This season, attention is focused on the Jenner wing of the clan--especially Kendall and Kylie, who are growing up fast and striving for more independence from each other and their famous relatives. Plus, Bruce and his son Brody make an effort to rekindle a father-son bond that has long been strained. Meanwhile, Khloé faces startling feelings about her younger half-sisters, Kourtney is drawing another line in the sand with Scott, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kim's first baby!

  • Säsong 7

    Säsong 7

    2012 | 19 avsnitt

    The seventh season of the Kardashian family's hit reality show kicks off with glaring headlines claiming Khloé is not the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian.

  • Säsong 6

    Säsong 6

    2011 | 16 avsnitt

    Kourtney is on a mission to bring the family together for some real quality time, while Kim's relationship with new beau New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries heats up and Kourtney and Scott move into a new home.

  • Säsong 5

    Säsong 5

    2010 | 12 avsnitt

    Kourtney moves in with Khloé and Lamar after selling her condo, but continues to work on her relationship with Scott. A newly-single Kim moves into her dream mansion and Kris and Bruce have their hands full with budding teens Kendall and Kylie as they take on new career opportunities.

  • Säsong 4

    Säsong 4

    2009 | 11 avsnitt

    Khloé Kardashian weds L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom. The family comes together to help Kourtney through her first pregnancy, and Kim copes with a breakup and must learn to move on from the love of her life Reggie Bush.

  • Säsong 3

    Säsong 3

    2009 | 12 avsnitt

    Kim, Khloé and Kourtney advance in their professional careers, their strained personal relationships give new meaning to the term "sibling rivalry." Khloé gets a reality check when she's sent to prison after violating her parole for a DUI, and Kim is forced to choose between her boyfriend Reggie and her career.

  • Säsong 2

    Säsong 2

    2008 | 11 avsnitt

    Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Kris are back in the limelight, focusing on their careers and causing chaos wherever they go.

  • Säsong 1

    Säsong 1

    2007 | 8 avsnitt

    The premiere season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' introduces viewers to the quirky Kardashian clan as they live life in the Hollywood fast lane.

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    2015 | 7 avsnitt

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  • Eliot Goldberg


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