Food Factory

Each episode offers a behind-the-scenes view of production lines in food factories across Canada to find out how some of the most-popular food items are really made. Through the ingredients, techniques and required processes, this documentary series reveals how raw ingredients are turned into everyday eats.

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Red Hot Delight

2014-12-13 | avsnitt 26

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    2014 | 26 avsnitt

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    2013 | 26 avsnitt

    FOOD FACTORY goes behind the scenes to reveal how our favourite foods are made: Learn the age-old technique that packs the pistachio punch into every bite of baklava; watch as high-tech machines create 150 pounds of candy buttons per hour; a single batch of organic baby food fills 28,000 gourmet pouches; and, while feta cheese starts with a truckload of fresh sheep's milk, its origins date back to ancient Greece.

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    2013 | 26 avsnitt

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    2015 | 26 avsnitt

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