In Treatment
Tv-serien: In Treatment

In Treatment

Set within the highly charged confines of individual psychotherapy sessions and centering around Dr. Paul Weston, a psychotherapist who exhibits an insightful, reserved demeanor while treating his patients—but displays a crippling insecurity while counseled by his own therapist.

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Serien hade premiär 2008 och varje avsnitt är ungefär 25 minuter. Totalt har 130 avsnitt sänts uppdelat på 4 säsonger och serien är skapad av Rodrigo García. Serien är i produktion så det kommer att kommma nya avsnitt


  • Uzo Aduba

    Brooke Taylor

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  • HBO

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Brooke - Week 6

Brooke - Week 6

2021-06-28 | avsnitt 24

Fresh from her self-analysis, Brooke confronts revelations that may inform her future with her son and relationship with Adam.​

Säsonger för In Treatment

  • Säsong 4

    Säsong 4

    2021 | 24 avsnitt

    In season four, Dr. Brooke Taylor helps a diverse trio of patients navigate a variety of modern concerns and issues such as the global pandemic and recent major social and cultural shifts – all while she deals with complications in her own personal life.

  • Säsong 3

    Säsong 3

    2010 | 28 avsnitt

    In season three, Dr. Paul Weston deals with several new emotional and physical challenges. Meanwhile, he begins treating three new patients while seeing a new therapist of his own.

  • Säsong 2

    Säsong 2

    2009 | 35 avsnitt

    In season two, Dr. Paul Weston has divorced his wife Kate and moved from Maryland to a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY. Paul begins to rebuild his practice with a group of intriguing new patients while continuing to wrestle with some of the demons he left behind. Meanwhile, he commutes back to Maryland every Friday to continue his own sessions with Dr. Gina Toll.

  • Säsong 1

    Säsong 1

    2008 | 43 avsnitt

    In season one therapist Gabriel Byrne deals with five sets of patients, including an attractive woman with a crush on him, a scarred U.S. Air Force pilot, a suicidal teenage gymnast, and a couple on the verge of breaking up.

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Serien är skapad av

  • Rodrigo García


  • Drama