OSL 24-7

Oslo Airport (OSL) is Norway's main airport with tens of millions of travelers every year. This makes the airport the second largest in Scandinavia. Every day and night, 15,000 people work hard to keep the airport running 24 hours a day. These people handle daily emergencies, catch sluggish stores, uncover smugglers and make it safe for passengers and crew to travel. In other words, in OSL 24-7 we get a unique and exclusive insight into the action-packed everyday life at Norway's busiest airport

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Episode 1

2017-03-06 | avsnitt 1

In the first episode of OSL 24-7 we join when the disaster alarm goes. A tanker with 40,000 liters of jet fuel drops at the airport, and the rescue crew must work fast to prevent damage.

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  • Säsong 1

    2017 | 1 avsnitt