Stan Lee's Superhumans

Stan Lee's Superhumans is a television series that debuted August 5, 2010 on History. It is hosted by comic book superhero creator Stan Lee and follows contortionist Daniel Browning Smith, "the most flexible man in the world", as he searches the globe for real-life superhumans – people with extraordinary physical or mental abilities. Many of the segments are fraudulenty manipulated and these appear side by side with other segments that are valid. For example, one segment shows a person applying an electric drill to their body[ after it is used to drill a hole in wood], except the direction of rotation of the drill is fraudulently reversed in the process.


  • Stan Lee

    som sig själv

  • Daniel Browning Smith

    Himself - Host

Kommande sändningar

  1. History Channel HD, Idag kl.22:00
  2. History Channel HD, Imorgon kl.02:50
  3. History Channel HD, lördag kl. 22:00

Senaste inspelade avsnittet

Ultimate Super Team

2014-09-17 | avsnitt 10

Creating teams of comic book heroes requires a combination of incredible but unique superpowers. This time Daniel meets four people with totally separate powers…but could they be ultimate team of real life superhumans? Adam Winrich claims to have extraordinary accuracy with a whip and has turned this old-school object into a comic book weapon just like a real life Whiplash! Daniel seeks out Will Trubridge, a free-diver that claims he can dive deeper than anyone else with no mechanical assistance. Is he really a human submarine? Joel King claims he’s built a super-powered skateboard, capable of breaking the speed limit… on the freeway. Daniel watches his latest record attempt, where any mistake could be fatal.

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  • Stan Lee


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