The Pool Master

Pool Master extraordinaire Anthony Archer-Wills is distinguished for being the best in the world for what he does - designing and delivering the ultimate swimming experience. A master designer and sculptor, Archer-Wills creates pools to look as though they were formed by nature's hand more than 1,000 years ago. In each episode, Archer-Wills connects to the spirit of each house and its grounds to complement his pool design, and then, he goes on a 'stone hunt' in search of the perfect natural rock for the project. Once the client's dream swimming pool is fulfilled, cameras share the inaugural swim. These are not your everyday swimming holes!


  • Anthony Archer-Wills

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Cliffside Pool

2014-06-20 | avsnitt 1

Anthony Archer-Wills, world-class natural pool designer, and his team build an adrenaline-filled adventure pool complete with natural beach entry, rushing waterfall, a massive diving-rock and splashdown zipline.

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