The Professionals
Tv-serien: The Professionals

The Professionals

The lives of Bodie and Doyle, top agents for Britain's CI5 (Criminal Intelligence 5), and their controller, George Cowley. The mandate of CI5 was to fight terrorism and similar high-profile crimes. Cowley, a hard ex-MI5 operative, hand-picked each of his men. Bodie is a cynical ex-SAS paratrooper and mercenary whose nature ran to controlled violence, while his partner, Doyle, comes to CI5 from the regular police force, and is more of an open minded liberal. Their relationship is often contentious, but they are the top men in their field, and the ones to whom Cowley always assigned to the toughest cases.

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  • Längd: 60 minuter
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  • 77% gillar TV-serien

Om The Professionals

Serien hade premiär 1977 och varje avsnitt är ungefär 60 minuter. Totalt har 57 avsnitt sänts uppdelat på 5 säsonger och serien är skapad av Brian Clemens. Tyvärr har serien lagts ner och det kommer inga nya avsnitt


  • Gordon Jackson

    George Cowley

  • Martin Shaw


  • Lewis Collins


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No Stone

No Stone

1983-02-06 | avsnitt 11

A young woman from a rich and successful family turns terrorist, shunning her wealthy background and the British Justice system which she now views as being corrupt. Important legal establishments located around London are targeted by the terrorist groups, who are planting several bombs at key points around the city.

Säsonger för The Professionals

  • Säsong 5

    Säsong 5

    1982 | 11 avsnitt

    More running around action from the popular 1970s action series. In 'Hunter/Hunted', a hi-tech rifle is stolen from CI5, and the boys have to track it down before its deadly force can be unleashed. In 'Stakeout', a CI5 agent is murdered before he can pass on details of a major crime. Bodie and Doyle soon discover a case of Plutonium poisoning.

  • Säsong 4

    Säsong 4

    1980 | 15 avsnitt

    In series four, the CI5 protect the daughter of a visiting South American president after his son is assassinated, and the team uncover a silver bullion smuggling operation being controlled from behind the Iron Curtain.

  • Säsong 3

    Säsong 3

    1979 | 8 avsnitt

    In series three, CI5 is targeted by a series of bombings and assassination attempts, the team investigates the murder of a defector, and Bodie and Doyle begin to suspect that their boss is selling weapons to the East Germans.

  • Säsong 2

    Säsong 2

    1978 | 10 avsnitt

    In series two, Doyle is assigned to test a new laser-beam rifle, Bodie's girlfriend is critically injured in a terrorist bombing, and the team go up against a rogue agent.

  • Säsong 1

    Säsong 1

    1977 | 13 avsnitt

    The first series set the standard for five successful years, milking the dramatic potential of a rich gamut of scenarios, from international espionage to racism and religious evangelism; Bodie and Doyle usually being called upon to protect a controversial figure from the assassin's bullet. Shaw would later dismiss The Professionals for its stereotypical violence and for a long time refused to allow reruns. In fact, as cult television goes, it has weathered well. Many of its themes are as relevant today as they were then. The constantly elliptical script ("I want you to see that he's… well taken care of") is tremendous fun. And despite the macho drive, the whole thing has a camp archness which betrays its Avengers pedigree. Great for a nostalgic wallow.

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Serien är skapad av

  • Brian Clemens


  • Action & Äventyr
  • Kriminal
  • Drama